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Reasons Why Real Estate Companies Need Managed IT Services

If you are a real estate expert you must be very well knowing that the market is very competitive and always going up. Sometimes the closing processes happens quickly, and agencies and other agents alike need to work quickly and without interruption. In such case, technology, however, helps and gets in the way constantly. The truth is that many real estate agencies cannot operate without interruption because they are not investing in Managed IT services and that’s the reason their workflow and technology suffers because of this. No agency can afford to be choked by the failed technology.

But, do you know why is Managed IT services something that real estate agents should invest in? Everyone knows real estate is a very complex and competitive environment. Here are some of the reasons IT Services are important to Real Estate Companies:


Many realtors stores their sensitive files and documents on Dropbox or Google Drive, where there is a presence of security concerns.  Real estate agents also need help for importing, maintaining and storing property details and images that Managed IT services can provide.  


There are various other issues in which real estate experts need a Managed IT expert’s help. The realtors need help and guidance with wireless connectivity, hardware support, Outlook set-up, mailing list management and software integration. Our IT support team at Carolina IT have trained technicians who are able to provide all the support and help related to IT.


One of the best way to avoid serious breakdowns and security breaches is 24/7 monitoring. This is the right way to control and avoid viruses and hacker attacks, security breaches, but it is not something a small agency can do on its own. 24/7 monitoring requires the presence of 24/7 available labor, additional investment in exceptionally sophisticated hardware and software. This type of investment is not affordable for the smaller agency.


Real estate agencies use multiple sources of communication and also have many branches. Let’s take an example,  some wireless devices that allow “in the field “ access to documents and files. These layers of connectivity create serious support problems, that can be only handled by Managed IT service experts.


Real estate business generally faces high employee turnover. Adding more brokers and agents, scaling up the sales team means a stiff hike in IT expenses. However, having a managed IT service by their side offers them ease and flexibility that is required in their in-house IT infrastructure to cope with changing employee numbers.

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