Network Strategy

We are all taught that a strong foundation is what you should base the most important things on.  Things like our relationships, homes, and our businesses. Your IT infrastructure is no different  We offer a free consultation to find out exactly what your company needs.  We will then tailor our services and hardware to exactly what is necessary to allow your company to focus on what matters you you most.


I.T. Security

Security is certainly necessary in today's connected world.  We offer a complete security package that filters every aspect of your network.  On top of our managed antivirus, we also filter out many aspects of your internet, email, and hosted services to allow no threats to touch your data.  We also manage your online and local backups to be sure in the event of a catastrophy, you will be fine.



From managing your active directory, online backups, security policies and web filtering to workstations, software licensing and wireless networks.  We provide an all inclusive management package to administer all things technology.   Our management software allows us to administer your network and become a proactive solution to keeping your business running strong at all times.  That being said, we still like to show up and say hi!


Business Solutions

I.T. Administration - Surveilliance  - Business Phone Systems - Full Network Security

Carolina I.T. offers many different ways to assist you in your day to day battle with technology.  In the end, we will help you work in harmony with any technology you depend on.


We specialize in Windows servers, Apple, mobile devices, storage solutions, IP cameras and phone systems.  We can integrate any of these with one of our custom surveillance & security systems to keep your business safe even when you are closed for the day.


We provide our services for a fixed monthly fee or hourly rate(depending on your office’s needs and demands) so that budgeting on a yearly basis is possible. Plus, we can support you from our office and on-site with the same tech every time.


We are not a 24/7 solution since the bulk of our clients are also not 24/7. However, we do understand that when you are operating, you want support and we are just a phone call away. Where our competition has failed in calling people back or being available when problems arise, we step in to provide a superior (even luxury) level of customer service coupled with very fast response times. We have actual people who answer our main number and we respond to emails  and voicemails very rapidly. We possess all the best technology, services and knowledge to use them effectively. Which allows us to utilize these same products and knowledge with you!


For operations of 50+ people, we can be your sole outsourced IT provider or we can support your internal personel to rapidly take care of advanced troubleshooting or solutions.

Please email us HERE or call us to setup an evaluation of any of our Business Solutions. 


6 Bow Circle, Suite A-1

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

T: 843-689-3009

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