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Data Back-Up


According to the Office of the Inspector General’s Semiannual Report to Congress, 93% of all companies that experienced a disaster and lost their data center for 10 days or more, filed for bankruptcy within one year! What’s more, half of the businesses without data disaster recovery plans during this time immediately filed for bankruptcy! 

Don’t be one of them. Prepare for the worst with a remote backup plan. Carolina IT offers a business continuity plan that is a simple and economical way to back up your data offsite to put you back in business in a heartbeat.

  1. Your data is transmitted to a secure offsite location where it is secured in an encrypted, compressed format. This remote site then replicates the data and creates and secures three redundant copies of your data in three geographically distinct regions. Your data is encrypted and only you have the key. No one has access to any of the remote storage facilities. 

  2. Near-Real-Time Data Backup! We capture all changes to your initial images every 15 minutes. This not only backs up recent datasets but also lets you reconstruct your data at the end of various 15-minute restoration points. This frequent level of forensic and auditable data recovery may satisfy various regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA and GLBA) for data retention and data record reconstruction. It’s also critical to supply chain planners, warehouse analysts, auditors, and legal counsel. 

  3. 24/7 Data Monitoring: The specialists in our Network Operations Center monitors your NAS units and the attached servers 24/7. Any failed process generates an immediate alert to our engineers, who often remotely correct errors within minutes of receiving a notification. 

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