Computer maintenance to keep your family running.


We know how much your family relys on your home network and computers to run at their peak performance.  From your children doing their research and homework to you operating our of your home office, down time is NOT an option.


You will get an in home technician to clean, maintain and keep your family and home office computers operating the way they should!  From virus and adware removal, software installation, data recovery, hardware upgrades to training, printer installations and everything in between, our techs can square you away!



Home Wireless - Better known as Wi-Fi.


Where would we be today with our wireless networks??  Plugged into the walls, that's where!!  Every home today needs good wireless coverage.  From your printers and laptops to your tablets and smart phones, coverage is a must!


Here at Carolina IT, we have wireless technicians that can handle any home wireless problem you throw at us!  No matter how big or small.  Multiple access points are sometimes the solution but believe it or not, you can have too much wireless!  An in home network scan will allow us to offer the best solution.

Nothing matters more than your family and home's safety.


We know a lot of you are not here most of the year.  Of course some of you are here at full time like us!  Wouldn't it be nice to keep an eye on things via your phone or tablet while you're away?  We implement the same hardware we utilize in our businesses to keep you secure.  Our packages include alerts of motion, sound and even emails you video clips of said events!


For those of you that live here full time and are looking to keep your family secure, don't worry, the same systems will handle all of your needs as well.  Call us today for your surveillance survey.

Home technology solutions for your convenience


Please email us HERE or call us to setup an evaluation of any of our Home Services.

We will be happy to send out one of our techs to your home to help solve any issues you may be having with your technology.  We can also help you implement new technologies such as WiFi and Camera Systems!


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T: 843-689-3009

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